Most pieces can be made available within 4 to 6 weeks.

Obviously this depends on the sourcing of materials and work involved and therefore a longer lead time may be required.

Beautiful fabrics create exquisite garments of the highest quality and bespoke items do take time.

Jane is always more than happy to discuss your requirements.  

Materials and Suppliers

All of our bespoke garments are made to the highest quality here in Nottingham.

As our focus is on quality rather than quantity our high end suppliers of fabrics are also based here in the UK.  Similarly as our pieces are focused on elegance and timeless style the fabrics used are mostly British and Italian.


JGG Bespoke Collection is available in capsule colours, carefully chosen by our team.

Bespoke colourways are also available.


Each piece is carefully designed with you in mind and tailored in the highest quality fabrics and as you would expect costs vary depending on the types of fabrics we use and the amount of hours that go into production.  That said, we've got pieces in the collection for every budget.

Email us with what you have in mind or set up a consultation and we are sure we will be able to help.

Care of Your Piece

Discussion will take place regarding the best way for you to care for each of your pieces.

Keeping in mind the high quality fabrics we use this will be dry cleaning or hand wash to maintain a perfect appearance.

We are sure you will agree that by creating an individual piece which has quality and longevity the very best care is required.

Size Chart for Standard Pieces










Customer Measurements

Once measured and pieces complete we keep a database of our customer's measurements for ease when you require future pieces.

Enquiry Response Times

Our aim is to provide a responsive and efficient service our customers are happy with.

We therefore aim to respond to any question or query as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours.


As a valued customer we work extremely hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your finished piece.

As all bespoke pieces are made to your specifications once the garment leaves our atelier (after your inspection and approval) we cannot accept a return or issue a refund.

Standard Sizes can be returned with a full refund providing the buyer contacts us within 14 days of posting or collection and the piece is returned in its original completed condition.

Any Other Questions!

Whatever your related question please do not hesitate to contact Jane directly.

Thank you for visiting.

Sustainability Attributes

JGG is not a fast fashion business and is fundamentally a business which creates and takes pride in its extremely well tailored timeless pieces which are made to last and more often than not in high quality natural fabrics.
JGG Bespoke aims to carefully consider the environment whilst conducting its small independent business.
Jane has always had a passion for natural fabrics and where ever possible these are used in our pieces.
The fabrics used are made in the Britain or Italy and are sourced from long established businesses in Britain.
Linings are sourced from a small independent business in Cornwall and are 100% natural cellulose with undetectable polyamide strengthening makes the fabric breathable and anti static. Its unique properties cannot be achieved with other compositions.
Seamstresses and tailors used are also individuals working within a 23 mile radius of JGG Bespoke.
Whenever possible and available environmentally friendly products are used within the business.